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The city tourism office admitted to receiving 'dozens' of emails and phone calls from tourists concerned with safety in the city.

The events of the night there, and in several other German cities including Hamburg where upwards of 50 women reported similar sexual assaults and robberies, have proved manna from heaven for the far right and anti-asylum seeking groups.

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Cologne is a city in virtual lockdown as police lies that asylum seekers weren't responsible for the mass orgy of sexual assaults and robbery on New Year's Eve have created a climate of fear and mistrust.

Visitors have cancelled planned holidays, women fear to venture out alone and the far-right runs its hands with glee as its dire predictions of crime following in the wake of unchecked migration appear to be coming true.

Anxiety: A police report showed they lied over the involvement of asylum seekers in the attacks to create a climate of fear and mistrust.

Reporter Nick Fagge spoke to migrants in Cologne, not involved in the attacks Scrawl: A note found on one of the Cologne New Year's Eve sex attack suspects written in Arabic and translated to German contained lurid phrases such as 'nice breasts' and had the words 'I'll kill you' It is the worst nightmare Chancellor Angela Merkel could have imagined for her 'open door' policy towards refugees from war zones which have seen over a million people enter the country in the last 12 months, polarizing opinion and stretching the social fabric ever thinner.

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