Insert an updating calendar in excel

You can also toggle the size of the calendar, show week numbers, change the calendar system (U. or ISO), and choose a different theme (blue, green, etc.).

FAQ » (Update 12/6/2016): The app has been updated and changed to a FREE app.

[ For Office 20 ] This app for Excel is useful for working with time sheets, schedules, project plans, logs, and registers where you frequently need to refer to a calendar.I made a […]Comments(22) Filed in category: Calendar, Excel, Templates Excel calendar (vba) This calendar lets you schedule events on the data sheet. How […]Comments(21) Filed in category: Calendar, Excel Heat map calendar David asks: Hi, I would like to use this example with my data set however I'd like to visually show the amount of events per date to understand when are we the busiest, slowest, etc.Select a cell (calendar date) and events on that day are shown below the calendar. and be able to forecast […]Comments(16) Filed in category: Calendar, Excel, Templates Visualize date ranges in a calendar part 2 I have created a new version of Visualize date ranges in a calendar.I have used conditional formatting to: highlight date ranges (green) highlight possible overlapping dates (red) not exisiting dates (black) Here are the date ranges: How I created "invisible" dates in cell range […]Comments(10) Filed in category: Calendar, Excel Monthly calendar template in excel I have created a monthly calendar template for you to download.Download excel calendar template Week starts with sunday Monthly calendar (Excel 97-2003 Workbook *.xls) Week starts with monday Monthly-calendar-template weekstart (Excel 97-2003 Workbook *.xls) How the template […]Comments(8) Filed in category: Calendar, Excel, Templates Create a drop down calendar in excel This drop down calendar uses a "calculation" sheet and a named range.

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The example list of holidays is US-based; you'll want to customize yours to suit your organization's needs.

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