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The following summer, he returned to Europe on a research grant where he studied with scholars at Oxford and Trinity College, Dublin to complete his thesis on James Joyce’s Ulysses.While finishing his Bachelor of Arts in English in 1998, Nicholas was approached to do a one-man theatre piece called Gas by María Irene Fornés.With 15 minutes to go, the killer was revealed to be a new-to-the-show criminal played by Nicholas Gonzalez, best known for his roles on Although tonight’s episodes took some plot detours as Keating and her gang tried to take down the district attorney, the recent hints that Connor was the killer were dispatched pretty quickly: Connor did indeed sneak onto the crime scene unbeknownst to his pals, but he was trying to save classmate Wes, not do him in.

He became an accomplished cross-country and track runner, winning the Texas State Championship in the mile and two mile.“Isn’t that what you want, to find out who killed Wes and make them pay?” asked Viola Davis’ Professor Annalise Keating early in tonight’s double episode.In 2007 he was elected Leader of the Liberal Democrats, leading his party into a coalition government with the Conservative Party in 2010.In 2015, he resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats following that year's general election at which his party was decisively defeated and lost 49 MPs, falling from 57 MPs to eight.

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Then it was on to Frank’s murder trial, some perjury, a little deal-making, the solving of the arson, the return of Annalise’s archenemy Sylvia Mahoney (Roxanne Hart), a kidnapping involving the nefarious district attorney Todd Denver (Benito Martinez), some revelations about the murder victim and, with 40 minutes left to go, the appearance of Denver’s criminal lackey Dominic, played by Gonzalez, who delivers a key bit of evidence.

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