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When it comes to dating and relationships, nothing puts a man off more quickly than a girl who drops all her friends the minute she gets a boyfriend, or somebody who has no interests of her own aside from cooking for ‘her man’ urgg, just writing it makes me feel dizzy. Men don’t want a Stepford Wife – a woman who sacrifices herself at the alter of coupledom the minute a guy is on the scene, they want a woman with a bit of fire in her belly – one who has her own life and loves it.

Transforming yourself into an object of desire isn’t about being a number one bitch with no consideration for anyone but herself, it’s about welcoming somebody into your life whilst maintaining a sense of self and independence. If I could count the amount of people I’d heard say that they don’t like ‘playing games’ in a relationship I’d have my own private island in the Maldives by now.

Or these tactics can simply get you male attention at a social event.

The main thing that keeps my attention is confidence.

That is not to say I would encourage people to spend their dating lives deceiving others, playing the field and treating other people like crap, but just that, to be too transparent (read:needy) early on in a relationship can leave you a little exposed.

A confident woman makes a man jockey for position as the center of her world.The article, however, did not addressthe subtle points of keeping a man's attention outside of sex.Non-sexual tactics help in the beginning of a relationship.While trolling the internet, the headline "How Do I Keep a Man's Attention" caught my eye.It was based on a question posed from a female reader who lamented having sex too early in relationships.

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” to “How can I calm down and make sure I don’t ruin it with this great guy?

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