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She said she agreed to go out with him for lunch after he had asked her several times.Miss Knox was in the middle of putting her seatbelt on when Van Outen crashed as they left a pub car park in June last year.We can relate to each other, but it could also make a terrible relationship if we don’t move at the same time or one of us does something wrong.

To outsiders, it can seem as though the person is just ruminating, choosing to think about it rather than letting it go and moving on. Trauma and PTSD change neural pathways, and all of the myriad effects of PTSD keep the person stuck.

The 30-year-old 'charmer' had been showing off to Miss Knox and performing doughnuts when he ploughed his BMW convertible into a tree.

Unbeknown to her, Van Outen had already been banned from driving and so fled the scene afterwards, leaving her lying unconscious.

It can feel as though the trauma that caused PTSD was just the beginning of a horrendous journey into a dark, marshy bog full of quicksand from which there is no escape.

Living with PTSD is like a nightmare because PTSD isn’t just about the traumatic event.

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