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Her last name isn't nearly as hard to pronounce as it seems. People have told me to change it over the years, but my dad is always saying, ' Never change your name!

• Early in the scene, behind Freddie, you'll see one of the background actors wearing a Penny-Tee that says Squash Bosom.

" Mary continued to interrogate, ignoring his weak protest. Spencer agreed as well, though he didn't like his love for Carly and what he had done for her being written off as a general rule of society. Or cooked and eaten by hungry hobos under the overpass."Spencer had slumped down to the side in his sleep, and was more or less lying down on the couch now, facing outward towards the TV, which was was on some kind of 2AM juicer infomercial.

He wasn't in the mood for a trip down memory lane, but a procession of girlfriends past marched unwelcome into his mind. That relationship was doomed from the start – he couldn't date the mother of one of Carly's friends, not when that friend was Gibby. Then there was Carly's teacher…well, that wasn't Spencer's fault, that was all her: she was psycho. And of course, more recently, Candice…she just couldn't handle the real Spencer. Mary took his plate right out from under him, even though he wasn't done with it yet, and carried it towards the sink. That wasn't a question he spent much time considering. Someone who laughed at his jokes, and could appreciate his art and how much it mattered to him, but who could keep him on track and rein him in when he got too…ambitious, or forgetful, or preoccupied. They'll call you Spencer Shay, the man who was too lazy to keep his sister's best friend from being mugged and murdered. Carly had slid down as well, parallel to him, but in the opposite direction.

She considered herself to be something of a matchmaker, and was not currently Spencer's favorite person in the world as she had recently decided that it was her personal mission to find Spencer his special someone. Spencer's heart was seized with panic and the unappetizing appearance and smell of the unfinished garlic shrimp was not helping his sudden onset of nausea. He's always telling me about whatever date he's just been on.""Sure. "Listen, Mary, I, uh, appreciate your interest, but I am doing just fine. Zero second dates," Mary continued, with little care for Spencer's desires, or his growing pallor."Not zero," he corrected, without much force. But the way a guy treats his sister isn't exactly indicative of the way he treats his lady friends, is it?

"I mean, there's nothing wrong with being single for a while, but you're 31, Spence," she explained as she began clearing the table. Starting a family."Who the hell did this woman think she was? Thoughts of the future tended to have this effect."Leave him alone," Socko ordered, patting his friend on the back. He looked to Socko for help, but his friend was too busy cleaning his plate and watching a commercial for a used car company."And why is that? A man would have to be a sociopath not to have a soft spot in his heart for his baby sister. "Socko nodded, still distracted by his food and the television.

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