Updating bulk data

So in order to access my web part i have to iterate through the "SPWeb Part Manager" class.

Here the web part name is "Relevant Articles" and the chrome property has to be set to "Title And Border".

Elastic Search has an endpoint in its REST API for bulk update. Before finishing, I also would want to notice that the OData specification addresses the issue regarding relations between entities with the feature named navigation links.

This class in particular contains references to all the web parts on the page.

Now that you have created the Products table, you are ready to insert data into the table by using the INSERT statement.

After the data is inserted, you will change the content of a row by using an UPDATE statement.

It's also up to you to define if all the inserts / updates corresponding to your request must be atomic or not.

will be returned and it's up to the response representation to describe what was done and where errors eventually occur. The client needs to pull an additional resource to see what happens.

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