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if you hold up your hand in front of the camera it appears the same size as if you were not looking through the camera. 45mm gives the correct perspective and sense of proportion on both full frame and apsc .

This just so happens to occur at 50mm on an FOV is human vision is close to 180 degrees... It depends on what you're asking exactly, if you're asking what focal length provides the same magnification as the naked eye (as in you hold your hand out infront of the camera and look through the viewfinder, your hand appears the same size as it would without the camera), then the answer depends on sensor size and viewfinder magnification, but the answer ends up being about 50mm for most full frame DSLRs with 0.7x viewfinder magnification, and about 45mm for most APS-C DSLRs with 0.95x viewfinder magnification.

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Now that you know about lighting your selfies, it's time to talk about finding your best angle and camera distance.

(This fluid is not related to tears, nor is it the dense jelly-like substance called vitreous humor that is contained in the rear chamber.) Aqueous humor serves two important functions in the eye: Draining the Fluid and Intraocular Pressure.

It does so through two channels within this angle: Intraocular Eye Pressure.Interchangeable mobile phone batteries allow for prolonged use while out and about.Charge the Angel Eye by connecting to the USB of your computer or with the battery [email protected] Neely all the talk of field of view depends entirely on how large you view the image and from what distance, this makes it a very complex issue, there are so many variables you'll never come up with a definition of normal if you try and base it on field of view.Instead I believe the concept of a normal lens comes from achieving 1x magnification when looking through the viewfinder, i.e.

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